How do I place my order?

You are required to contact our client support with custom/model paper specifications including the topic, desired number of pages/words, referencing style and required number of reference sources, official requirements file (if available), marking criteria, lecture slides (if available), and expected date of delivery. Afterwards, depending on the nature of the assignment, you will be advised on the charges and payment options. Update your WordPress Premium Plugins with GPL Mods. Once the order is agreeable to both parties, we will allocate a qualified writer with experience in the field for expert writing and will notify you on the same. From there, you will be regularly briefed on the progress of the paper. We request all our clients to read our “Terms of Services” first before placing an order.

When can I expect a complete paper?

Depending on the urgency of the paper, our client support will advise on reasonable timelines within which our professionals can deliver a quality paper. Urgent papers are dealt with utmost care and proper assignation of them takes place to writer(s) so as to ensure deadline is met with desired quality. However, we advise our clients to place their orders in good time to allow them for reviewing the work and for suggesting feedbacks (if required) and for enabling them to incorporate their own efforts in the paper to use them in positive way before actual submissions.

What happens if I don’t receive my paper by the deadline?

We are committed on regularly briefing our clients regarding the progress of the paper. Through this way, our clients are facilitated to receive their orders on time. In an unlikely event that a delay is anticipated, we will contact the client immediately and agree on amicable alternatives that will ensure that the order is delivered at the soonest agreeable time. In severe cases where the client misses his/her submission time, refund of deposit will be provided.

Who will write my custom paper?

We have a pool of qualified professional writers with Bachelors and Masters Qualifications and other recognized certifications, like ACCA, CA, etc. Our client support, depending on the order’s specifications, carefully selects an appropriate writer with relevant qualifications and experience in the topic field to ensure that quality paper is delivered. Our recruitment process is rigorous to ensure that all our writers meet the qualification and experience standards before been considered.

What about plagiarism?

We are destined to provide original work, free of copy paste. To ensure this we have enforced strict policies on plagiarism to stress the importance of authentic papers to our professional writers. All papers must pass anti-plagiarism test before been submitted to the clients, therefore, ensuring that our final papers are plagiarism free.

What happens if I don’t approve the final paper?

If you are not happy with the final paper, we give you an opportunity to make your comments and suggestions on how you like the final paper to look like. After this, the concerned writer will make necessary revisions with no extra charge. But the revision comments should not bring a new requirement that was not communicated to us before. In that case it will be considered as a new requirement and appropriate charges will be communicated to client. We encourage our clients to be clear and precise when submitting the order specifications to avert chances of misinformation that could result to undesired final copies.

How do I make payment and when?

It is our policy that you make 50 percent payment while placing the order. This is to get our writers started on your assignment. Once it is complete it will be informed to you and half of the paper will be sent to you so that you can have assurance of quality of complete work. Upon receiving the remaining 50 percent payment from your side, complete paper will be emailed to you. However, we provide privilege to our long-term clients and the payments terms can be negotiated and mutually agreed upon by both the parties.

How to apply if I am a writer and want to join your team?

If you are a qualified writer use our contact us page to drop your application and we will get back to you as soon as possible.