Terms Of Services

  • We provide only sample study guides (model answers/papers) as an academic research assistance extended to clients so as to guide them what the paper should include in terms of concepts, content and research to help them learn, having resemblance to tutoring or exam preparation services.
  • We don’t allow clients to submit our papers as it is in the university. They should read and review the model paper, understand it, and only take assistance from model papers. They should avoid cheating and ensure that they put their own efforts in the papers, rather than submitting as it is.
  • We provide original work, free of plagiarism. Using other’s work as it is without acknowledging it, no matter if done by writer or client, is an academic theft which must be avoided. Hence, writers’ work should not be submitted by students as their own without acknowledgement.
  • We are open to any revisions clients need or any questions they ask. In order to facilitate clients we encourage them to first ask for outline of the work. Once outline is submitted to them they can give their feedback and based on that we proceed further. This will ensure their involvement in their work. After reviewing final model work client can send us their queries and can ask for further help and revisions wherever needed. New android game published! Play now! We will answer your queries no matter how many times you ask for as it is believed that when you will ask questions you will be better able to understand the work. In case u want us to highlight where a specific learning outcome is met for your better understanding, we can entertain that too. The purpose is to support in your learning, no matter what the approach is.
  • We don’t promote academic cheating. Hence, we don’t give any fail or pass guarantee (no money back guarantee), as the purpose of model answers is for clients to take help only and put their own efforts in the work, rather than using papers as it is.
  • However, if clients find the work not following requirements or serious quality issues that it can’t be used even to take help, we can look into papers and adjust them. In severe conditions, refund is also provided.
  • Our service is in accordance with university terms and guidelines. All Universities prohibits plagiarism and collusion. Hence, if students are using our services they should make sure they will use our services positively. If not, they should have prior tutor permission to take help or should acknowledge to the tutor in the end that help has been taken from us.
  • Contractors utilising our services must agree to make sure that their students use our model papers only for the above mentioned purpose. Our company’s liability or responsibility is only to the point to inform contractors while selling them the work (which we have done so by sharing with them the terms of services on our website) about how the provided sample answers should be used. After that, their dealings with their clients or students don’t make us responsible or liable in any way.
  • We hold no responsibility or liability if our model answers are used for any other purposes. All should be fully aware that it is unethical and illegal everywhere to cheat.